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Spring 2022

April has been a frustrating month weather-wise but our perennials are being planted right on schedule and look very healthy. Half of the perennials are growing in our large heated greenhouse and the balance are in the other greenhouses without artificial heat. Those grown in the heated greenhouse are naturally more advanced but the other perennials grow slower and have the advantage of hardening off naturally with the colder night-time conditions.

We will open our retail business on Saturday, April 30th regardless of weather conditions. The perennials are still rooting in at this point so the best time to shop here is beginning in mid-May. We are willing to reserve plants and hold them for you until mid-May. You can shop early and benefit from the best selection while still giving the plants time to grow in an ideal environment. We have a nice selection of martagon lilies and hellebores this season. We have also expanded our offerings of cone flowers which have become much more popular in recent years. We are looking forward to your visit at Rose Hill Gardens this season.

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