Featured Perennial of the Week

Pasque Flower (Anemone Pulsatilla)

Pasque flowers are a very valuable addition to the early spring garden. They are one of the earliest flowers to appear and are often in bloom by late April in this part of the state. They prefer a sunny, well drained location but will also grow in part shade. Average soil is acceptable but adding compost and a fine grit to the existing soil will maximize the plants potential. The plants are hardy to zone 4B and are long lived.


Most pasque flowers are purple in color but red and white shades are also available but harder to find at retail garden centers. The foliage is finely cut and remains attractive long after flowering has ceased. Attractive silvery seed heads appear after the flowers are done and should be left on the plant to extend its season of interest. Pasque flowers may go dormant in the heat of summer but will re-appear stronger than ever the following spring.


We have a limited supply of this unique perennial available in pots this season. They retail for $6.95

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