Featured Perennial of the week

bergenia 'spring fling'

Bergenia ‘Spring Fling’ is a valuable perennial for adding color to the early spring garden. Flowers are bright pink and held on upright stems that are nicely branched. The branching produces a more abundant floral display than has been on previous cultivars. The foliage grows 10 to 12” tall and is nicely compact. This cultivar has year round interest as the leaves turn purple-black in the cooler temperatures of fall and winter. The foliage eventually turns a glossy green as the growing season progresses.


Spring Fling is hardy into zone 4 and easy to grow needing average well-drained soil in a sunny or part shade environment. The plants are also deer resistant.  Bergenias have been used in perennial gardens for years but this recent cultivar is a vast improvement on the floral displays that are produced.


We have a good supply of Bergenia ‘Spring Fling’ available at Rose-Hill Gardens. They are sold in 6” pots and retail for $8.95. They are currently in bloom and should remain so into early June.

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