Featured perennial of the week

Allium 'Globemaster'

There are hundreds ​of different allium cultivars in cultivation, but none are more spectacular than Allium 'Globemaster' Flowers appear in late May to early June in this part of the state. The flowers are large purple spheres and can be up to 8" across. The seed heads that appear when blooming is over can also add interest to the garden. The foliage will gradually yellow and go dormant in mid-summer.


The bulbs are available in the fall and normally planted when tulips and daffodils are put into the ground. A sunny location and a well drained soil are necessary for optimum bloom. This cultivar is hardy in zone 4 and is long lived. They are excellent background plants as they can easily obtain a height of three feet.


We currently have a nice selection of potted Globemasters that are garden-ready and will bloom this season. They retail for $10.95.

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